20 Feb

Best Painting Company in Lahore

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when the time comes for painting your home or office, no matter if it’s normal or decorative painting, covering walls with single or multi color paint or installing wallpaper; You always strive to hire the best painting company with affordable rates to give your home or office the perfect new look.

There are plenty of companies to choose from and all of them claim to be the best, so how do you choose your painter? is it because of their flashy brochure or the quoted price?

Before we claim to be the best or number 1, we would like you to hire us for a small job and experience our professionalism and flexible approach.

We can be your one and only choice weather its general handyman services hire, air conditioning repairs, leak & plumbing issues, or painting your walls or entire property. We have the capacity and staff to cater your needs weather it’s for simple job or big projects.

We can provide high quality of work in an affordable prices.

  • Take your visions and make your dreams come to reality
  • make use of your Sundays to do other things and get others to do the dirty work
  • Includes both interiors as well as exterior painting and handyman services
  • Skilled painters and talented handymen are competent and willing to help

We understand that your home or office is one of the major emotional as well as financial investments you’ll make in your life and will not restore repeatedly.

19 Feb

Handyman Lahore

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Despite the fact that you will enjoy many years of happiness in your home; need regular maintenance and repairs. We will help you keep your home looking the same way as the day first you moved in. Just a call to Handyman Solutions will get you a well-mannered and professional craftsman either you are landlord or tenant.

Offering quick, reliable and competent services, we‘ll make your Saturday a bit less stressful, whether it’s repairing the broken fence that’s been sitting in your courtyard for years, or repainting the outdated interior of your ’70s style home.

Call us on 0307 7444000 to book your appointment, without delay.

All our staffs complete every work perfectly and are respectful and professional.

We take up highly skilled manpower jobs and contracts from a different part of the world.

We’ve little rules which we’ve followed since the day, promise, responsibility and to satisfy the customer’s needs.

We can also provide emergency twenty-four-hour property maintenance services covering plumbing, and locksmiths, electrical faults as well as welding if necessary.

We tackle lots of work from simple repairs to complete property renovation including new kitchen and new bathroom, full renovation.

We’re Able to Offer Professional Multi-skilled Handyman for All Property Maintenance House Odd Jobs Repair. Focus On Small Jobs.

Commercial and home-based Property Maintenance Services available on getting in touch with us on short notice.

And All Those Odd Jobs You don’t have the time to do Or you have called 10 Different Trader to fix all.

We are pleased with our first-class customer service including accurate quotation and attentive ear to your needs and requires.

Along with our top quality painting service, we are on the top list of the premier painters in Lahore.

We have over ten years of experience in handyman services and would like to help your dreams become reality.

19 Feb

Best Handyman Services Lahore

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Lots of the handyman companies are running their business in this field for over-years but When it comes to best handyman services in Lahore; We should be the top priority of one’s because for several years we’re serving our customers in a very honest manner. Once it comes to some professional things, Handyman Lahore is the best in the whole Lahore. We bring to you the complete and proficient set of services at a very low cost. We provide building maintenance services to both commercial and domestic customers so whether you‘re searching for a plumbing technician in Lahore, an Emergency Electrician, a Handyman or perhaps a Painter and also Decorator we can provide a maintenance solution for your requirements.

We don’t promise so much like others we just do what we agree.

Our promises are much more for us because we are the trusted leading company providing professional as well as skilled handyman company in all over Lahore.

We’re your local based licensed handyman company serving you residentially as well as commercially at very low-cost rates.

We do our works in a friendly way and take care of you and your property just like family. We handle and take care of your property well maintained.

We provide guaranteed services with the promise we made to you and we don’t fail to carry out the work up to professional handyman standard.

At Handyman Lahore, you will be pleased to find us. We’ve fast vehicles meet your needs as fast as possible. This means that we’re offering a professional repairman at Hourly-rate for handyman services hire.

Our staff is highly professional skilled. They know how to attend client services at right time as well as satisfy the customer’s need.

We’re your local based handyman company in UAE. Our big network of handyman services provider is serving to Lahore in various fields.

Our Array Of Services Includes!

Air Conditioning, Carpentry, Plumbing, Electrical,  Decorating, Flooring, building New Extractor Fan, Installing Lights, Hanging Curtain,  Furniture, Fixing Bed Wardrobes, Kitchen Cabinets, Rail Assembling

14 Feb

AC Maintenance Lahore

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Professional AC Maintenance in Lahore

It’s not just a saying but we really are the “Best & Reliable Air Conditioning Service Provider in Lahore”.

It’s hot & humid, your are carving for a fresh & cool breeze and your air conditioner is not working. The Last thing you want is a bad ac repair guy wasting your time ending the day with an unfixed AC unit. 

You must choose a fast and reliable air conditioning service!

Everyone enjoys the cool-down that air conditioning provides.

Yet, it’s a service that you may not fully appreciate until you’re forced to live without it.

dubai air conditioning company

Now in your local area!

Our locations will be locally owned and operated, backed by high standards as well as our own principles. When working with Handyman Lahore, you get home development professionals who live and work in your local area. Whether we’re improving your home or providing Air Condition services, Handyman Lahore is a proud member of your local community.

Not only that, we will be available six days a week, from Monday to Saturday!

So, should you hire us?

At the end of the day, no job is too big or small for Handyman Lahore, and we will always strive our best to make sure ends meet!

Hire us today, and even book right now by filling the form available on this page!

Professional AC Maintenance in Lahore

Our Service Includes:

  • Troubleshooting
  • Breakdown Service
  • Compressors Changing
  • System Cleaning
  • Filter Cleaning
  • Servicing
  • Water Leak Fixing
  • Cooling Problems
  • Ducting
  • Insulating
  • Preventive Maintenance of Air Conditioning Units
  • AC Fan Coil Issues
  • Air Balancing
  • Air Duct Cleaning
  • Condenser Issues
  • AC Fan Motor Repair
  • AC Drain Blockage Issues
  • Thermostat and Temprature Issues
  • AC Filters
  • AC Overhauling
  • Electrical Issues
  • AC Unit Replacement
  • AC Complete Servicing
  • AC Noise Fix
  • Bad Smell from AC
  • Leaking AC
  • AC Vent Cleaning
  • New AC Installation
  • AC Replacement
  • AC Supply
  • AC Repair and Fault Diagnosis

We Fix & Assist You in Following:

  • Central AC
  • Split Central
  • Ducted Split
  • Package Units
  • Chillers
  • Compressors

Instant Booking Form

    Mobile: 0307 7444000

    Whatsapp: 0307 7444000

    Major Areas We Serve

    • Defence Housing Authority (DHA Lahore)
    • Bahria Town Lahore
    • Cantonment (Cantt Lahore)
    • Gulberg Lahore
    • Model Town Lahore
    • State Life Housing Society Lahore
    • Canal Housing Societies Lahore
    • Punjab Housing Society Lahore
    • Johar Town Lahore
    • Garden Town Lahore
    • Faisal Town Lahore
    • Izmir Town Lahore
    • Sui Gas Housing Society Lahore
    • Valencia Town Lahore
    09 Aug

    HVAC Maintenance

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    HVAC Preventative Maintenance Checklist

    Keeping your HVAC hardware in decent shape can spare you more than cash and time; it can spare your rational soundness. Envision relaxing in your agreeable home in the dead of winter when your warmth pump comes up short or get ready for a late spring party when your ventilation system glitches.

    Scrambling to discover an expert before you need to persevere through the uneasiness of a breakdown can be upsetting and tedious. Utilizing a trustworthy organization, for example, HVAC Services in Dubai, DXB, for your HVAC upgrade can enable you to avoid HVAC repair crises.

    Instant Booking Form

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      Your Number

      Please select the Service Required

      Add More Details to Your Booking!

      Call Now

      050 9113683

      HVAC Cleaning, Air Filter Replacement, HVAC Repair Services

      **we also supply and install HVAC units!

      Essential HVAC Maintenance list

      A HVAC examination ought to incorporate the accompanying:

      • Thermostat setting evaluation – Your settings should keep your space agreeable when you are around to appreciate it and change to preserve control when you are not home.
      • Electrical association check – Connections ought to be cozy, and the voltage and current readings should help mirror this.
      • Lubrication – Lubrication diminishes resistance and causes you spare vitality.
      • Condensate deplete examination – The condensate deplete ought to be assessed to guarantee that it is not stopped up or discouraged.
      • General operation evaluation – A specialist ought to affirm that the framework starts, runs and stop effectively.
      • Outdoor unit investigation – Debris and soil ought to be expelled from the zone around the open air HVAC unit.
      • Fan evaluation – The engine and sharp edges on the fan ought to be checked to ensure they are not harmed.
      • Air channel substitution – Air channels ought to be supplanted consistently to keep up wind current and air quality.

      Particular Cooling and Heating System Maintenance

      The cooling framework should to have extra investigations and support finished.

      • Coil cleaning – The curls on the evaporator and the condenser ought to be cleaned. This can enable your unit to work even more proficiently and increment the life of your framework.
      • Refrigerant check – Too much or too minimal refrigerant can be a waste. Help shield proficient operation by ensuring refrigerant levels are perfect.
      • Blower support – Adjusting the blower parts can help keep up legitimate wind current. The blower gathering ought to be cleaned amid routine upkeep.
      • Examine warming components – For safe operation, gas or oil associations ought to be spotless and unblemished, and there ought to be no holes.

      The most effective method to Setup a Maintenance Agreement

      Air Specialists, in Bellaire TX, offer support contracts or one-time upkeep checkups. The organization gives exhaustive upkeep that incorporates the things on the agenda above. We can set up an agreement for routine support or evaluate your HVAC framework whenever. Keep your home all right with customary upgrade.

      for further details on our ac maintenance services please click here

      20 Mar

      Air Conditioning Maintenance Tips

      By xquisite

      maintenance tips for your air con

      5 Preventative Maintenance Tips for Your AC

      There are actions you can take to lower the chance of your AC unit malfunctioning. Click here to learn 5 preventative maintenance tips.

      What’s worse than a broken or poorly functioning air conditioner? In a place like Dubai, where it’s hot year round, not much.

      An air conditioner is so essential here in Dubai. So, it’s important to make sure you’re performing regular preventative maintenance on your unit.

      If you’re not sure where to begin when it comes to maintenance, keep reading. We’ve got five essential tips to keep your air conditioner working properly.


      Keep It Clean

      Keeping your air conditioner clean is one of the most important things you can do for preventative maintenance. Dust, dirt, leaves, and other debris can easily build up in your air conditioner and reduce air flow.

      To clean your air conditioner, start by removing the fan cage to remove leaves and other debris. You’ll also want to clean the fins. Use a garden hose for this to get a strong stream of water without too much pressure, which could potentially damage the fins.

      In addition to cleaning the unit itself, you also need to regularly clean the area around it. If there are tons of leaves falling around the air conditioner, they’re going to make their way inside the unit more often than you’d like. Keep your air conditioner covered during months when you’re not using to keep debris and rodents away.


      Keep It Level

      When your air conditioner is not level, you might experience problems with the compressor. To prevent this, make sure to check the pad underneath the condenser regularly. If it starts to tilt to one side, use rot-resistant shims to balance it out.


      Regularly Replace or Clean the Filters

      Clogged, dirty filters will make normal air flow impossible. They’ll also reduce your air conditioner’s efficiency. They do this by allowing dirt to get into the unit’s evaporator coil and making heat absorption difficult.

      You should replace your air conditioner’s filter or filters every 1-2 months. You might need to change or clean them more frequently if any of the following conditions apply:

      • Your unit is in constant use
      • Your unit is subject to a lot of dust
      • You have fur-bearing pets in your home.


      Check the Wiring

      Faulty wiring could lead to a variety of issues with your air conditioner. Make sure you’re checking it regularly for signs of overheating, such as melted insulation on wires or wires that look burned or blackened.

      You’ll also want to make sure electrical connections are tight. And, look for signs of excessive pitting (deterioration or metals) on the unit’s contactor switch.


      Have It Inspected Regularly

      Annual inspections might seem like an unnecessary expense. But, they can actually save you money down the road.

      Inspections allow you to identify and fix issues that might be affecting your air conditioner’s efficiency. When your air conditioner runs more efficiently, your utility bills go down and the lifespan of your unit goes up. A yearly maintenance check can actually reduce your monthly energy bills by up to 15 percent!

      Wouldn’t you rather pay for an annual inspection than pay several thousand dollars to replace your entire unit?


      Looking for a Preventative Maintenance Professional?

      If you’re looking for professional, reliable preventative maintenance for your air conditioner, contact us at AirCon Repair and Maintenance in Dubai. From general maintenance to repairs and replacements, we’ve got you covered!

      20 Mar

      Air Conditioning Installation Company

      By xquisite

      local air conditioning installation company

      What You Should Expect from a Great AC Installation Company in Dubai

      You Should Expect a Great AC Installation Company

      Not every AC installation company is created equal. Click here to learn what separates the best AC installation companies from the rest.

      You know just how hot it can get in Dubai, no matter what time of year it is.

      There are several potentially serious health conditions that come as a result of overheating. Plus, especially in the hotter months, you simply want to feel comfortable with the temperature in your home or office.

      If you’re considering hiring an AC installation company, however, it can often be difficult to understand what separates the amateurs from the true professionals.

      In this post, we’ll tell you how you can find superior HVAC services.


      A Good Company Provides References

      The very first thing you should look for in an AC installation company?

      Glowing reviews and testimonials from past clients. A reputable company will not only have positive reviews on their own website and review websites like Yelp.

      They’ll also be more than happy to provide you with the contact information of past customers, so you can get a completely transparent idea of how satisfied past clients were with their services.


      A Wide Variety Of Services

      Whether you need a completely new air conditioner installed, or if you simply need a current unit repaired, you need to find a company that offers lots of different services.

      These should include maintenance and cleaning services, part replacement, chillers repair, ducting, and much more.

      A qualified company will be able to quickly assess your current situation, and help you to decide the type of service you really need — instead of trying to “upsell” you on services and products that aren’t necessary for you.


      A Sense of Professionalism

      Of course, one of the most important things you need to look for in your local air conditioning installation company is absolute professionalism.

      First of all, you need to feel confident that the company has done its due diligence in screening and running background checks on their employees. After all, these people are going to be in your home — you need to be able to trust them.

      Additionally, a professional company will be happy to answer any questions you have about their training process and certifications.

      Further, a reputable company will be direct with you about the cost of the installation and the unit. You shouldn’t have to deal with any “hidden” fees or surprise costs. You should also be provided with a clear timeline for the installation.

      Finally, a good company will also have an insurance policy in place to protect you as the homeowner. You don’t want to end up being held financially responsible for anything that goes wrong.


      Looking for a Quality AC Installation Company? Look No Further!

      Now that you know what traits to look out for in your search for an AC installation company, you can begin your search.

      We invite you to spend some time on our website and compare our rates, expertise, and experience with the other air conditioning companies you’re considering.

      We think you’ll find that we’ve consistently gone above and beyond for our customers.

      To learn more about how we can help you to stay cool, reach out to us today.

      28 Aug

      Air Conditioner Cleaning

      By xquisite

      How Often Does My AC Unit Need to Be Serviced in Dubai

      How Often Does My AC Unit Need to Be Serviced?

      Are you someone who likes to maintain all of your possessions in tiptop shape? Here is the information on how often your AC Unit needs to be serviced.

      Are you in the dark about when to service your AC unit? Are you unsure if it’s time to call a quality air conditioning maintenance company?

      Don’t worry– we’ve got your back. We put together a guide to how often and when you should get your air conditioning unit serviced in Dubai.

      Check out our guide below!

      When To Service Your AC Unit in Dubai

      First things first– you’ll need to get a quote from a reputable air conditioning repair company. Not all AC unit repair services are equal, so you’ll want to opt for a company that employs technicians with experience.

      Many AC unit owners don’t realize that just because their unit isn’t very old or isn’t showing signs of malfunction, doesn’t mean they shouldn’t regularly maintain it.

      Most HVAC experts suggest cleaning and servicing your unit once a year. Preferably, this should happen after winter is over in Dubai and most other climates. Your heating system specifically should be inspected when the weather begins to cool off after summer.

      Whether or not your unit is damaged (or appears to be damaged), getting it serviced ensures that it will continue to operate well throughout the rest of the year. A regular servicing and inspection can also prevent problems from popping up down the line as well.

      When your air conditioning unit is operating, it easily sucks up dust and debris that can negatively affect how it works. When coils and filters within the unit begin to get clogged with debris, it will start to work poorly or stop working altogether.

      Nobody wants to lose their air conditioning unit’s efficiency. A regular cleaning is a great way to keep your unit operating well beyond its projected lifespan.

      What happens during an inspection?

      Usually, an air conditioning supplier will offer preventative maintenance packages. These packages will include several things, including:

      • Regular servicing
      • Regular cleanings
      • Air filter changes
      • Minor repairs and maintenance

      If you have not purchased this kind of package with your unit, that’s okay. But you will need to seek a quote from a qualified air conditioning maintenance and repair company.

      Once the technicians arrive, they will inspect your unit, change the filter, clear the inside of the system of debris, and perform any other necessary procedures to repair damage to the system.

      It is very important to note that you should not try to clean or service your air conditioning unit on your own. An experienced trained technician can provide this service properly without risk to your HVAC system.

      Coil cleaning should especially be left to the professionals, as damage to these coils could seriously damage your HVAC unit. In most cases, attempting to gut your unit and repair it yourself can void its warranty as well.

      However, there are some maintenance procedures you can do yourself. Regularly changing your air filter is usually a simple task for most HVAC systems.

      How was our guide to servicing your AC unit in Dubai? Tell us what you think in the comments below!

      28 Aug

      HVAC Maintenance Checklist

      By xquisite

      HVAC Maintenance to prevent breakdown

      HVAC gear is mechanical and mechanical hardware can fall flat. A good arrangement for support plan gives a proactive versus responsive way to deal with HVAC upgrade, which implies you can maintain a strategic distance from most issues before they happen. Furnished with a thorough support agenda, you can effectively plan, achieve and archive upgrade systems and not stress that you have missed a noteworthy part of gear care.

      Here’s a simple, possible precaution upgrade agenda to keep your warming and cooling framework fit as a fiddle.

      It’s a smart thought to employ a HVAC organization to examine and do upgrade on your framework each fall and spring. They will do things like investigate and clean the wiring and instruments of the unit, which is bit even more trying for the house owner. However, you can delay the life and increment the effectiveness of your framework if you take after this basic upgrade plan:

      A few things you should to do instantly; different tasks just should be done occasionally or once per year.

      The initial phase in building up your agenda is to make a physical stock of the gear and frameworks you’re in charge of upgrade. Record basic information for each bit of hardware: company, model number, configuration, and functionality in the system. After the stock is complete, list the protection support required for each piece on your stock and decide the recurrence. By gathering the undertakings together by framework and after that by recurrence, you make an agenda to allude to every year.

      Steps to a Healthy HVAC System

      Purchase a good filter if you already haven’t. The new high-effectiveness creased filters have an electrostatic charge that works like a magnet to get the most diminutive particles, even those that convey microorganisms.

      Fight off obstructs. Every year, pour some detergent blended with dilute the aeration and cooling system condensate deplete to counteract development of form and green growth, which can cause a stop up.

      Ensure there’s no less than two feet of clearance around external A/C units and warmth

      Evacuate trash, for example, leaves, dust, and twigs week by week amid spring, summer, and tumble from top and sides of external A/C units and warmth pumps. Try not to enable the garden cutter to release grass clippings onto the unit.

      Never close over 20% of a home’s registers to abstain from setting pointless strain on the HVAC framework.

      Month to month, review protection on refrigerant lines driving into house. Supplant if lost or harmed.

      Ensure unit is level. Every year, guarantee that external cooling units and warmth pumps are on firm and level ground or cushions.

      Supplant the filter no less than each 80 days. In any case, check it month to month. If it looks dull and stopped up, simply ahead and transform it. If you have pets, you’ll presumably need to change each month.

      Close off the water supply to the heater humidifier in summer. In fall (or when you expect switching on the warmth), supplant the humidifier wick filter, set the humidistat to in the vicinity of 35 percent and 40 percent relative moistness, and turn on the water supply.

      24 Aug


      By xquisite

      Air Conditioning & Cooling

      Why my AC is not cooling?

      At the point when your cooling system all of a sudden quits working, it can be reason for alert or it can be something as plain as a blown wire or stumbled electrical switch.

      While numerous issues with your cooling system will require an expert specialist to repair the issue, we find that occasionally a property holder can settle simple issues with a bit of examine.
      We have assembled the accompanying investigating manual for enable you to address four of the most common issues you may experience with your cooling system.

      It is significant to note that numerous regular issues with cooling systems can be caused by insufficient maintenance. To help evade any future issues, we suggest that you get set up on a yearly upkeep get ready for your warming and cooling frameworks.

      1. Your Air Conditioner Won’t Switching On

      If your air conditioner is not switching on, first check your external unit to decide whether the condenser is working. Ensure that the external unit is connected to and your indoor regulator is set appropriately.
      However, bring down your indoor regulator 5 to 10 degrees, check whether that fixes your issue, and ensure your indoor regulator is set to cool. We brings up that many indoor regulators are dubious and property holders might have the capacity to spare themselves time and cash by perusing the manual.
      At that point, verify whether a blown wire or stumbled electrical switch is at fault.
      If your aeration still will not switch on or your loop is solidified, you may have an issue with your engine or compressor and should contact an expert to repair your framework.

      2. Your AC Is Not Cooling the Air

      If your aeration will switch on, and your indoor regulator is set appropriately, yet your framework is not cooling you may have a messy or blocked air condenser. Your initial step is to check the external unit, clean around, and evacuate any trash or weeds that are blocking airflow.
      Next, check your channel and ensure it is spotless. A considerable measure of times, we discover the channel is dusty, and when it confines the air to the evaporator loop, the curl can solidify. If you have pets or run your cooling system regularly, you may need to change your channel even more much of the time. A decent test is to haul your sift through and check if you can see through it.
      If your ventilation system is still not cooling air, you may have an issue with your compressor or refrigerant and should contact an expert.

      3. Your Air Conditioner isn’t effectively Cooling

      If your cooling system is on and set correctly however is still not cooling your room to your models, you may have a unit that is not estimated properly for your room.
      Remember that your framework ought to be estimated to keep your home cool on the normal summer day. The normal framework ought to have the capacity to keep up a 20-25 degree temperature contrast between the outside and indoor temperature.

      If that it is a typical summer day and your aeration and cooling system still cannot keep up, you may have an issue with the charge or a solidified evaporator loop. If you see good to beat all units, close it off and call our handyman or ac technician now.

      Our Address

      Office # 12, Ali Plaza Civic Center Moon Market, Gulshan-e-Ravi, Lahore, Pakistan.

      Our Coverage Area

      • Defence Housing Authority (DHA Lahore)
      • Bahria Town Lahore
      • Cantonment (Cantt Lahore)
      • Gulberg Lahore
      • Model Town Lahore
      • State Life Housing Society Lahore
      • Canal Housing Societies Lahore
      • Punjab Housing Society Lahore
      • Johar Town Lahore
      • Garden Town Lahore
      • Faisal Town Lahore
      • Izmir Town Lahore
      • Sui Gas Housing Society Lahore
      • Valencia Town Lahore